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The Sensual Home

Creating a sensual home means engaging all the senses, feeling good in our space, creating a sanctuary which feels good. Of all the luxury, natural products Paisley Jacob sell, doTERRA's health benefits go well beyond the home environment. Diffusing essential oils in your home not only adds fragrance to the air it detoxifies, cleans and promotes wellness.

In addition to being the sense most closely linked to memory, Our sense of smell is also highly emotive.  We understand this connection, essential oil fragrances evoke a vast array of emotions and feelings; from desire to power, vitality to relaxation.

doTERRA's CTPG (Certified Therapeutic Grade) oils are safe for use in 3 ways:

Aromatically || Essential oils, when diffused or inhaled, can be very stimulating, calming or soothing; diffusing essential oils can also cleanse and purify the air.

Topically || Essential oils can be safely applied for massage or topical therapy. Using a carrier oil or massaging lightly into the skin can increase absorption.

Internally || Certain essential oils have a rich culinary history and can be used as dietary supplements for targeted wellness. Use essential oils in recipes or add to drinks.

How do I purchase doTERRA essential oils?

|| You can purchase at retail prices from Natural Luxury Essential Oils here from Paisley Jacob.

|| You can purchase at wholesale prices by becoming a doTERRA member.

|| Contact us on 0207.523.5377, email or visit for purchasing options.

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doTERRA paths

Living the doTERRA lifestyle

|| Essential oils empower individuals to naturally manage their health and the health of their family and home.

|| Essential oils can be personalised based on inclination, sensitivities and health challenges.

Sharing doTERRA essential oils

|| Individuals who experience doTERRA are naturally inclined to share with others

|| The Class in a box makes it easy to share with others

Building a doTERRA business

|| Working from home doTERRA Wellness Advocates introduce and educate others about doTERRA products

|| By actively working to grow a business and achieve leadership ranks, individuals can supplement or replace their income.

Being a part of this exciting opportunity is exciting, fulfilling and rewarding. We will assist and support you to be in business for yourself but most definitely not by yourself!

Contact us by phone 0207.523.5377, email or for purchases and entrepreneurial opportunities.