The Light of London

The Light of London


In the twilight of dawn, when the stately avenues and gritty side streets are empty and silent, London’s smorgasbord of architecture both medieval and modern can be seen with new eyes. London’s legendary fogs have long since dissipated, but the city’s expansive parks are still shrouded in morning mist, and the historic streets echo with centuries of history, captured and condensed by renowned author John Julius Norwich. Jean-Michel Berts’s camera and Lord Norwich’s pen expose the unique character of this majestic city when the bustle of the global capital is stilled.

“When it’s three o’clock in New York, it’s still 1938 in London.”



“In London, love and scandal are considered the best sweeteners of tea.”


Expanding on Assouline’s popular series, The Light of London showcases a new COLLECTIONS of evocative black-and-white images by photographer Jean-Michel Berts.

His photographs can be seen on his website.

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